Media Insertion Point

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Media Insertion Point

Postby ira » Tue May 16, 2017 11:24 pm

While I continue to be amazed at stable, recoverable and well designed this application is, I do find minor / nuisance items I believe were not intended by design and so I have shared them.

Here is an Item I have been dealing with in my project that has over 12 folder totaling over 450 images:

Step 1 of the program:
1. I have to add a folder of images at a position in the list OTHER than at the end.
2. I right-mouse on a particular image in the list then select Add Folder.
3. I select the folder to be added there.
4. SURPRISE! They ALWAYS get placed at the END of the LIST, not the "insertion point."
5. Same problem when inserting audio at Step 2 of the program. It always gets placed at the end of the list requiring me to remember where it was intended, clicking up arrow to get it there.

6. For images - No problem going to the bottom of the list, selecting all the new images, choose the MOVE option but be sure to already know the desired position number to move them to.
7. For audio - no move to position feature as audio is not indexed.
8. I should NOT have had to do these moves. They should have been placed at the insertion point (highlighted blue image).
9. Again, this is minor but worthy of fixing if/when the other minor discoveries that have submitted that was placed in your Bug List.

In closing - This is yet another fantastic VSO application! It might not be realized by many VSO clients since we all are focusing on Video File Conversion and creation that you serve quite well!
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Re: Media Insertion Point

Postby Claire » Wed May 17, 2017 8:34 am

Hi Ira,

Thanks very for your feedback.

I've entered your requests and suggestions in our bug tracking system
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