Intel 8700K or 8400 CPU?

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Intel 8700K or 8400 CPU?

Postby daiwang » Mon Sep 03, 2018 2:21 am

I'm looking into getting a new computer for my conversion needs. I'm currently running a 2nd gen Core i5 cpu which takes 3-4 hours to convert a 2hr video file at 1080p with 6k bitrate into a DVD. My options are $1000 for a Intel i7 8700k with 16GB ram or $380 for an Core i5 8400 with 12gb ram. I really don't know how fast the 8th Gen Intel CPUs convert using ConvertXtoDVD. If the conversion time between the 2 CPUs isn't night and day difference, I would rather save some money. Maybe some of you can chimp in on typically how long it takes you guys to convert a certain file with certain time/bitrate/resolution into DVD. TIA.
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