Copy To 4 & 5 Burning Engine Bug

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Copy To 4 & 5 Burning Engine Bug

Post by Budda_357 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:10 am

Hi, Guys
I cannot remember from what version the problem first happened. Any DVD folder (that i.e. created using CDX4) the burn is successful but the DVD will not play in any DVD player :cry: i.e. Samsung that singed the accord with the Motion Pictures Expert Group to produce machines with certified MPEG boards.
The same disc will play in Chinese produced el cheapo nock off (they have believe if you can put in on a disc it will play). None of the 4 Samsung units I have will play the disc (comes up with the error message "this disc cannot be played"). :twisted:
The same problem happens in with copy 5.
It has not worried me as I have also Slysofts Copy to DVD 2 :D the same DVD folder used with this software plays on any machine to date.
I have the SAO settings enabled and burn setting at 4x can you suggest any other setting to try :?:
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Re: Copy To 4 & 5 Burning Engine Bug

Post by JJ » Mon Oct 10, 2011 7:07 am

Actually this issue is another way around:

DVD structure should always be burned with VideoDVD-burn settings, if you just burn a folder to DVD then most likely it will not work on some players.
This is happening because DVD standard requires that actual video files are burned to certain point in DVD, and pointer to that is in .ifo file.
Simply burning DVD-folders as data to DVD does not modify that pointer on .ifo file.

Most players today ignore that pointer and use filesystem calls to find video, but older ones will fail unless burn is done correctly.
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