Convert your videos straight to USB stick or Cloud storage

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Convert your videos straight to USB stick or Cloud storage

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Did you know that with ConvertXtoDVD (and VSO video Converter, Blu-ray and DVD converter), you do not have to burn your conversions straight to DVD ? :shock:

You can save the converted videos to your hard drive and put them on on a USB stick or wherever you want, ie an external hard disk, cloud storage etc. This can be handy if you have a TV with a USB port, this way you won't have to "waste" a DVD disk.
By saving the oconversions on the Cloud, you also save up space on your PC, benefit from safe and reliable storage space that you can access anytime and anywhere. This way you can burn to DVD later if needed, stream the videos on your PC, TV or tablet.

Here is how to do this:

Before the conversion, set the following parameters:

1. Cancel the "burning" function: Go in "default settings" "burning" and untick the option "Burn result to DVD" or simply close the window that prompts you to insert a disk after the conversion.
2. In "Default Settings", go to "General" and "Working folder": this indicates the path where the conversion is saved, you can change it here but by default the conversion is saved in a folder "ConvertXtoDVD" in "documents". This is the place where you can get the converted file either to transfer it to a USB stick or to burn to DVD later if needed); In the folder you will find 2 sub folders: an Audio _TS (always empty) and a Video_TS (that contains the DVD structure). The best thing to do is to transfer the whole movie file to your device.

For all other video conversion software from VSO:

Convert your video (any output format), and once done, simply check out where it is saved on your PC (in the software, check in "settings" "general" "working folder")
By default conversinos are saved in a folder by the name of the software (ie ConvertXtoVideo, DVD COnverter, Blu-ray COnverter Ultimate) in "documents"


If you want to place the conversion straight onto the USB stick and don't even want to manually move it yourself from the folder to the device, then plug in your device, and indicate in "General" and "Working folder" the path to the device. Be careful though, the device will need to be plugged at the exact same port whenever you do a conversion.

Cloud Storage

Go to the folder where the conversion is saved on your PC, and do a right click on your video to select your Cloud storage. With some providers, you can schedule a weekly backup of the folders and these will be saved onto the cloud automatically.
That's it. the transfer may take some time depending on the size of the file.

You can now access your file on your cloud and stream it, retrieve it ,etc. you can store your complete video collection that way (especially if you have a lifetime cloud storage account) and stop wasting money on burning DVD and filling up your PC with your videos!

if you decide to burn it to DVD, at any time:
with ConvertXtoDVD: go to "action" "burn an already converted project", and select the file, insert a DVD, that's it.
with VSO Video converter, go to "Help" "burn already converted project"

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