AVCHD output (disk)

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AVCHD output (disk)

Postby wtin » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:42 am

I'd love you all to death if Convert X to Video (or Convert X to HD) can produce the disk output in AVCHD format. I have been playing with BD Rebuilder and it works quite well. (It has an option of "strict AVCHD format")

BDR creates the single layer DVD AVCHD plays with all the blu ray players that I have (which are Samsung 4k blu ray player / Sony blu ray players) and I have a 70 inch 4k LG t.v. and it looks awfully good (well, a little noises here and there), but it is what it is. VSO programs works with Sony BR player only, not Samsung.

I realize AVCHD standards can be a little strange and no one can really promise that I would work across the board, and I am afraid I don't know enough about it to look at the folders / files (to make any sense). I even tried AVCHD memory stick format (and it didn't work either when was transferred to a blank disk, and didn't expect it to anyway).

Thank you. So far current version is quite stable. I have HD files and the programs (including Convert X to DVD 7) produce very clean BR / DVD. Subtitles work well, too.

I could just create a video file which will play in any blu ray player, if it needs be.

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