Autodection Issue with Downloader : A solution

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Autodection Issue with Downloader : A solution

Postby Jacques (VSO) » Fri May 24, 2019 2:46 pm

NOTE: This information is obsolete but kept for reference.

Download VSO Downloader or above to have it solved.


If Autodection don't work with latest Downloader, it'll work with Downloader version is as of today. Download it from here

Now, the long and boring explanations.

We are experiencing a very annoying issue with Downloader starting from version, up to the latest version ( as of today).

On some computers (not all) the automatic detection no longer work. Even more annoying is that it also kills the https navigation in all browser. No secure (HTTPS) site is accesible and browser die after a 20-30 sec. timeout, stating that there is a proxy error which is a correct diagnostic.

Technically, for an unknown reason the request data are lost before they can reach the software, and we currently don't know why. No error is raised while we setup the proxy, everything goes well from our side, no error occurs. But, the software don't receive any data, which get lost somewhere.

It took us some time to find out there was an issue as it doesn't occur systematically, and even more time to reproduce it on a computer we have at VSO. But now we're working on it and the next build will have the problem solved - it's a must fix.

So, for short the latest version that doesn't suffer from this issue is, and it can be downloaded from here

Please note that the first thing V will do is to update its internal components (i.e. download engine) - which is normal and should be accepted. Once this engine update is done everything should operate correctly. If this engine update is failing, it should work if Downloader is "Run as Administrator" (right click on the downloader icon to achieve this)

For our users having version that is working correctly with autodection, there is no need to perform this downgrade.
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